Skoda Pavilion

Brand-Pavilion in the Wolfsburger Autostadt

The new Skoda brand pavilion was a joint project developed and executed by Milla & Partner and Triad Berlin.

The entire content and scenography of the 650 square meters of exhibition and action areas were revised. The new pavilion of the world's third oldest automobile brand distinguishes itself with enticing exhibits and attraction design. The pavilion is held in clear white and, following the guiding theme "Simply Clever", is divided into four areas: Brand Gate, Vehicle Presentation, Highlight Dome and Green Zone.

Visitors are guided by dynamic winding lines on the floor and wall surfaces. Emotional graphics highlight the pavilion. Interior walls were removed, and the central dome was opened by 180°. As a result, the pavilion offers an open, flowing space. Architecture, scenography, graphics and light create an integral spatial experience.

„A fresh breeze is blowing through the Skoda Pavilion. It translates the positive and dynamic development of the brand into a bright, lively spatial image.”

Sebastian Letz, architect and creative director
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the exhibition
  • Spatial design
  • Media production
  • Multiple targeting: adults, children, international audience

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