01 What we do

Experience design: Four-dimensional & without boundaries. For all the senses.

We specialise in the design and production of experience design and spatial communication. This includes permanent and temporary exhibitions. Trade shows, events, brand spaces and corporate lobbies. Museums, science centres, and interactive learning environments. Insightful and meaningful events.

„Design and scenographic concepts are the second step. Impossible without the first: respect for the task and empathy for the audience.”

Johannes Milla, CEO and creative director

Inviting & affecting. For direct encounters

We believe that people have a thirst for knowledge and insight. For rich, sensory experiences, for understanding and for highly individualised perception. Spatial communication doesn’t work as one-way communication. We believe in initiating dialogue and exchange. In other words, interaction and response. The room or space used with its entire range of impact is not a simple medium, but rather a platform for close encounters and compelling dialogue. 

Spatial communication is the most effective, sustainable discipline because it integrates all communication channels. It appeals to the addressees in all dimensions. Architecture, scenography, sound, climate, materials and media, they all send signals to all senses. Thus, we transform messages and pictures into strong spatial and temporal experiences.

Our guiding principles for exceptional spatial communication

Brand staging

It's not about the staging. Ultimately, it’s only about the brand.

Messages with impact

The interface between content and recipient is vital.

Authentic encounters

Indispensable – intelligent solutions enhance the quality of communication.

Constant communication

Not a single space that doesn’t communicate: architecture, design and the selection of medium always convey a message.

Quiet instead of loud

Quiet, precise gestures are most successful at breaking through the noise clutter.

The power of imagination

The best images are those created in the minds of the audience.