04 Innovation Lab

Innovative & involving. For real networking.

Nothing is ever quite as impressive as experiencing something for the first time. To ensure our remaining among the pioneers with our work, we have our very own think tank: the Innovation Lab.

Researching & developing. For out-of-the-box-solutions.

Innovation is sparked where the various disciplines come together. In our Innovation Lab, game developers meet with development engineers, sound engineers with media designers, and programmers with staging directors.

Their aim: to create the interfaces of the future, to network information intelligently and playfully. Interfaces that compel and engage the audience, and that upgrade conventional interaction into interconnection.

In short, the Innovation Lab explores tomorrow’s communication and develops creative solutions targeted to an increasingly demanding and networked audience. We work closely with other research institutes, such as the Technical University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, to evolve promising prototypes into marketable concepts.

Our beliefs for tomorrow’s experiential communication

Disappearing boundaries

Smart technologies can extend spatial communication in time and space, as the boundaries between virtual and real spaces dissolve.

New interfaces

increase the degree of the audience’s participation.

Real discussions

Real encounters are enhanced by the omnipresence of digital communication.

Smart networking

Interconnection brings together people with similar interests, to make a difference together.

Individualised experiences

Customised content dynamically adapts to the interests and needs of the audience.

Hybrid communication

This is where conventional types of events such as trade shows, conventions and exhibitions merge.