03 We are Milla

50 colleagues with their own unique view. For experiences that expand the horizon.

Milla & Partner combines classic profiles in communication and design with specialized expertise in experiential communication.

How does it sound when a space communicates? How do we tell stories and brands adressing all the senses? Which media can be combined with each other? How do we create a fourth dimension when we bring together space and time, analog and digital? These are questions we deal with every day and approach from a variety of perspectives.

People make brands. We make brands for people.

The stronger an impression, the more memorable the recollection of the situation in which it occurred. We speak from experience: communication that includes all dimensions is the most effective kind of communicating, because it links the senses. Therefore, we always think multisensory in our concepts. We rely on the power of non-verbal communication. With magic, with singularity, with responsibility. Speaking of:


Every project thrives on the ideas that emerge in our team - and on mutual support. At Milla & Partner, the architect learns from the communication designer, the project manager from the intern. We value our differences, because they make our ideas powerful. We encourage strengths, preferences and interests. Our colleagues appreciate the opportunity to find their own focus, to develop themselves according to their skills and to contribute to our projects. We call this: Make it yours.

„We are an interdisciplinary team. We think four-dimensionally, multisensory, pragmatically, out of the box, crosswise, straight ahead, upwards, in materials, in media, in design, in feeling, in success.”

Peter Redlin, CEO and Creative Director

The House of Experience

We don't see ourselves as an agency, but as a platform. Here we meet, question, discuss, develop and create unprecedented things together. Our work is always co-creation. The minds of our colleagues are our resonance chamber, where ideas really start to flow. The more diverse we are, the more disciplines meet, the more perspectives come together. The more complex our results become. This is how we connect people with people, brands, topics and products.

We combine disciplines and skills, creativity with organization and craftsmanship with vision.


All projects begin with us listening, asking questions and taking a hard look at a brand, its history and its aims.

Experience Design Lab

In our Experience Design Lab, we test new ideas, technologies and innovative approaches. Here, we re-think the experience of the future.


The powerful idea is still the decisive factor. Our creatives are highly trained to develop concepts that truly shine.


Our emphasis is on outstanding design solutions. Because our design is oriented towards people and their needs - and they are the focus of our work.


We implement all ideas: architecture, film, audio, graphic design, digital media or technological innovation. Any idea we develop, we can also implement.

Project Management

All is nothing without good project management. Anyone who has ever worked on a project knows that. We have the best.