City of Schorndorf

Research Factory Schorndorf

Question, tinker, try!

The new Research Factory Schorndorf is a satellite location of the Science Center "experimenta" in Heilbronn. Milla & Partner´s concept takes kids on a research trip through the world of nature, technology and energy, with a special focus on the topics of movement and mobility.

At the start of their journey through the open-plan science center, the kids get to meet the intellectual godfather of the Research Factory: Schorndorf´s great son Gottlieb Daimler. They receive a brief insight into his contributions to the development of the automobile - the inventive spirit of Gottlieb Daimler is inspirational to the children´s experiences in the Research Factory. "His" work bench acts as a red thread for the methodical and creative approach to the exhibition. Seven theme worlds - from laser puzzle to wind tunnel, from floating ball to pneumatic rocket - hold exciting experiments in store for the young visitors. 50 experimental arrangements make nature´s laws and technical processes literally tangible for the kids.

Little inventors on a big tour

Accompanied by their fictitious companions Emma and Gottlieb, the young visitors can then explore the exhibition. In the Perception & Movement Parcours, they can sharpen their own perception and experience how they themselves are the best research tool. In the three following research fields Nature & Environment, Mobility and Energy, they learn about the basic principles of research and carry out their own experiments. The didactic approach follows the principle of exemplary and result-open learning. Phenomena are observed and explored, the underlying principles are recognized and exposed. The creativity of the children is awakened, and finds its outlet in the Future Workshop – here the researchers themselves eventually become inventors.

„The Research Factory aims to be a place of participation, not a place of overpowering. Tinkering and building has a big priority here!”

Johannes Milla, Creativ director und CEO

The concept for the Research Factory Schorndorf was designed by Milla & Partner and then executed by local contractors. Stammler Architekten was responsible for the conversion of the former Gallery of Technology, the product designers from formteam designed the exhibits, and the JoussenKarliczek agency was responsible for the graphic concept in the exhibition.

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