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Visitor Center

reactive communication center

"Doing now what patients need next." - This is the guiding principle of Roche Diagnostics International AG in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. To make this vision a tangible reality, Milla & Partner realized a new Visitor Center in the heart of the campus, where brand and visitor react individually to each other.

Previously, guests were welcomed in a reception area separate from the showroom. Now, customers and visitors can immerse themselves in a large communication area. The design is characterized by transparency, dialog and intelligent networking. This conceptual approach becomes particularly evident in the space-connecting illuminated ceiling. It makes the Visitor Center more dynamic and responsive to the visitors present: media and the "Tuneable White" technology are linked to sensors that perceive movement in the area and create an ideal communication situation for visitors at all times and in any place by adapting the color and intensity of the dynamic light display and by using media to welcome the guests.

„When designing the reactive light ceiling, we not only emphasized the connecting, spatial gesture, but also the fact that people are at the center of Roche's work. Accordingly, we show the special sensitivity to human behavior, bodies and reactions in the space, creating a subtle image of liveliness.”

Sebastian Letz, Creative Direction and Partner at Milla & Partner 

Varying customer journeys with versatile touchpoints

Different target groups can be guided through the 550 square meter Visitor Center in three customer journeys that build on each other: The interested public has free access to more general touch points and stations such as "Who we are", where they gain a comprehensive insight into the world of Roche Diagnostics International at an interactive media table. "What we do" sheds light on the work from six different perspectives, from Global Franchise Manager to software developer to the trainee, personally and individually on a large monitor in short films. The "Game changing Innovations" station presents highlights that have influenced not only the history of Roche Diagnostics International, but of all mankind - such as the Plasma Separation Card for the diagnosis of HIV. Using two models, the main methods of diagnostics - antibody and PCR analysis - are visualized and explained in the "Essential Tool" station. 

Customers and visitors can experience real 1:1 laboratory layouts in the "Product Area". In this flexible area, customers are made aware of the conditions defined by a working laboratory and which solutions Roche has available for which purpose. VR applications help to gain new experiences: Both alone or in a group, visitors can virtually walk through various scenarios for the analysis of production processes, machine installations and the resulting laboratory situations. Customers, the press, potential employees and talents can also use the "Vision Space" in their customer journey - a dialogue-oriented, glass space located in the middle of the showroom. Acoustically and climatically separated, open and confidential discussions can take place here, thoughts can be exchanged and new ideas generated.

Open communication space with an immersive brand experience 

Thanks to these versatile communication spaces, depths and methods, from digital to analog, from communicative to virtual, a flexible and consistent brand space was created, which is used to respond individually to the most diverse needs of various target groups

  • Concept, design and planning of all spatial measures including interior fittings and exhibition furniture
  • Interdisciplinary overall concept and experience design
  • Development of customer journey
  • Concept, design, editing, text and production of all media content
  • CGI, animation, UX, UI design, front & back end development, prototyping
  • Sound design
  • Exhibit development and design
  • Lighting concept
  • Production supervision

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