thyssenkrupp Elevator

Test tower Rottweil

a beacon of INNOVATION

A modular scenography by Milla & Partner serves as backdrop for the staging of the latest generation of elevators using magnetic levitation technology and thyssenkrupp Elevator´s vision for the future in their new high-tech test tower in Rottweil.

The test tower, opened in October 2017, is thyssenkrupp Elevator´s new future lab. Prototypes are tested here before they go into production. The revolutionary multi-system celebrated its world premiere here and ushers in a new era: with the first rope-less lift, several cabins in the same elevator shaft can be operated horizontally and vertically. But the currently tallest tower in Baden-Württemberg with a height of 246 m is more than just a functional building for research and development: it is a place for intensive exchange with corporate customers, a unique event location, and with the highest public viewing platform in Germany, a visitor magnet throughout the region.

„Thank you very much. Everything you did was top of the pops.”

Luis Ramos, Head of Communications thyssenkrupp Elevator

The big picture

The Vision Space serves as emotional warm-up for visitors. In an immersive staging, a wide range is spanned, extending from thyssenkrupp Elevator´s future visions to the networked city and mobility of the future. The medial format in Supercinemascope translates the drive behind the development of the innovative Multi lift system and generates a space-defining, cinematic experience with completely novel images.

A mixed-reality staging

At the core of the research facility, visitors can expect a unique experience: they gain insights into the groundbreaking elevator technology of the future. In a mixed reality staging, the built-in components of the technology combine with virtual elements into an exciting dramaturgy that gradually reveals and explains the details – and finally melds into an overall picture.

The view on to the world

On the ride up on the panoramic elevator, the view into the landscape opens and the height of the tower becomes noticeable. The publicly accessible visitor platform offers an impressive panoramic view of the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb all the way to the Alps. At the center of the platform in a media area, the new landmark becomes its own topic: films provide information on the construction, function and characteristics of the test tower. The minimalist design accents the space without compromising the effect of the spectacular vista - the view from the tower is elevated dramatically. A project compass allows visitors to discover exciting projects around the world using technology by thyssenkrupp Elevator.

The Prelude to the customer journey

The various visitor groups use different entrances to experience the test tower. Both the foyer for customers and partners and the separate reception area for the public form powerful preludes to the customer journey inside the test tower. The pure and futuristic architecture emphasizes the future topic - the innovative character of the entire building becomes immediately tangible to all visitors.

„We developed and implemented a modular concept for the heterogeneous user groups that enables all visitors to experience the tower with maximum flexibility in its clear, additive structure.”

Sebastian Letz, Creativ Director
  • Development of spatial staging and exhibition dramaturgy
  • Consulting concept, design and planning of spatial measures
  • Concept, design and editing of all media
  • Production, programming and implementation of all media
  • Installation of media hardware
  • Project management and implementation

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