An agile, organic network

How do you visualize the daily activities of a complex innovation network? The dynamically generated graphic, fed with live data from the research campus, depicts on-site activities in the form of a continuously evolving tree structure.

The Centre for Research and Advance Engineering in Renningen shows the novel quality of networking at Bosch. The diffusion of various research disciplines and the interdisciplinary approach to a new working environment are the leitmotif of this site. This intent was taken up in Milla & PartnerĀ“s design for the foyer and consistently translated into the space. Discover how many employees are present, how many phone calls are being made, and much, much more. Perhaps you will also see the spark of innovation glow when new ideas are added to the knowledge network.

Corporate Research in real-time

The big welcome screen at the reception gives Bosch employees and visitors a real time glimpse into the vibrant hub of global research and development. This dynamic interconnectedness is visualized with an organic character. Attendant employees cause the virtual sculpture to constantly grow and change. Its glowing structure, the intensity of its movement and the connecting outside lines display the communication and data traffic and make the activities of the campus readable in a matter of seconds. When the system detects a new idea being fed into the Bosch knowledge network, it sends a shining spark, spreading its energy and connecting with other nodes.

The organic sculpture comprised of generative graphics is complemented with a dashboard giving further information: The world clock refers to the globally connected research locations on different continents. Additionally, a timed display shows information on news and events, and a current data representation gives real-time numbers on energy production and consumption on the sustainably designed research campus in Renningen.

The implementation of the creative concept was carried out in close cooperation with halbautomaten, Stuttgart.

  • Concept, design
  • Motion-design
  • Technical development
  • Front- and backend programming

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