New spatial brand design code for Bosch

Agile, multidisciplinary development processes are reflected in the space, exhibition and media installations of the new Bosch research campus foyer.

The new, pulsing campus foyer designed by Milla & Partner illustrates to visitors the highly networked researchers life at Bosch. The company invested approx. 310 million € in the new location on the outskirts of Stuttgart where 1,700 creative employees are now active in applied industrial research. The foyer´s symbol of networking quality in all spatial dimensions is the key visual: a dynamic sculpture of overlapping squares that represent the network of all Bosch themes and ideas. Emanating from the individual cubes, light pulses penetrate the entire structure, thereby illustrating the effect of the high grade of networking - a principle that was transferred to the entire design language. Light pulses through the "virtual network wall", background scenery of the foyer, can be triggered by visitors through interaction at the media tables.

Long term and worldwide spatial design and key visual development: not only for the research campus foyer in Renningen. All around the world, it will define future foyer designs of the Bosch brand.

To this purpose, the style guide formulated long-term rules defining a consistent, recognizable brand appearance - regardless of short-term trends and fashions. It is based on the design code of the "virtual network" and six clear design principles. They promote cross-cultural thinking and location-specific formulations of the draft. The new design principles have already been applied at sites in Vienna and Tokyo, as well as at Bosch Sensortec in Reutlingen, Germany.


In addition to reception, waiting lounge and an area for informal exchange cum auditorium, a knowledge landscape allows fascinating insights into the corporation and recent advance developments. Exhibition modules and media installations, which are individually configurable for guided tours, make attractive starting points for dialogue - in one-on-one as well as in group situations. The big welcome screen at the reception desk gives visitors a real time glimpse into the vibrant innovation organism of Bosch. In daily emerging, generative graphics, they can see the density of current data traffic, how many researchers are currently at work, or how many new ideas are being registered at any given moment. On the panoramic screen in the waiting lounge, they can take off on an interactive flight over the campus, whilst interactive media tables invite guests to deepen their exchange with the company – always allowing for personal interest and language.

„Our guiding principle for the design of foyer exhibition, space and media installations was a new quality of networking at Bosch, linking researchers and technologies across the boundaries of disciplines and business sectors.”

Tobias Kollmann, Creative Director
  • Concept, design, planning and execution of the exhibition including all space-defining measures
  • Concept, design, and programming of media content
  • Lighting concept
  • Editorial and design of the temporary exhibition

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